Beth Ealing, Max's Dog Bakery & Shaggy Chic Boutique

After using numerous products claiming to help or reduce pet allergy symptoms and having no success, I tried your products. After just four weeks of use, there was no more itching and scratching. I own Max's Dog Bakery and yours is the only line I will be carrying. I feel that your products live up to their promises. I can stand behind the integrity of the product and its developer. -- Beth Ealing, Max's Dog Bakery & Shaggy Chic Boutique

Diana Garren

I am totally amazed with your products on my dog' coats after just one use. I've told all of my friends how wonderful they are. It really enhances white coats. It works as well as White on White by Christensen. I'm really impressed. Thank you for great products.

Betty Allen

Your flea spray works amazingly well. I don't have to use poisonous products like Frontline on my animals and I also save a lot of money. Thanks!--Betty Allen

Phyllis Stata

We LOVE Nature's Embrace Aromatherapy products. . . All of them. We ourselves use the shampoo and THE DOGS LOVE IT TOO! It is easy on our hair and eyes and makes the entire house smell great. The conditioner is not greasy and does not flatten hair--even the Chinese Crested's coat stays fluffy and shiny!!--Phyllis Stata

Sue Meyer, Tecate Labradors

I have used your shampoo for about one year on my yellow labs and am very pleased with the results. One weekend, I was showing Kobi on Saturday and Sunday. When I received him, he was a mess and we headed straight for the bath! He finished on Saturday with a major and took Best of Opposite. We went home and my neighbors, now knowing he was to show again on Sunday, took him to the lake. He returned dirty and with a bad odor. We had to use the shampoo and conditioner again to rid him of the foul odor. After using your products, he smelled good and looked great! On Sunday, I moved him up and he was Best of Breed! His coat must have been OK. By the way--he also took a Group 1.--Sue Meyer, Tecate Labradors

Linda Jordan, Chelwood Labradors

I am always looking for a shampoo that will not soften my Labradors' coats. I bought a bottle of your shampoo and bathed my dogs. The shampoo left the coats shiny without losing any of the hard texture that a correct Lab coat should have. I was thrilled. At the next show, I got bottles to send to friends, and they are hooked on it too. I use the Ultimate Room Fresh--it really does work to remove the most penetrating odors. Thanks for such wonderful products.--Linda Jordan, Chelwood Labradors

Mary Ereth

The intensive healing cream works well on my hands and sensitive skin. The Pennsylvania winter weather causes my hands to get very chapped. I used the healing cream on a nasty sore. It was amazing how quickly it worked. In a matter of hours, it was no longer so red and sore looking. It healed quickly. I used the conditioner on my dog, Bear, while we were visiting up north. I massaged it in, and he looked great and smelled good. It makes a great in-between bath treatment. Thank you.--Mary Ereth

B. Collingsworth FairVu Lakeland Terrers

I took my Lakeland to the veterinary dermatologist with a full body rash and itching. They sent me home with Chlorhexiderm and Resiprox rinse which were were not effective. I wanted to let you know that I have had great success, however, with your all natural products. I have taken your info to my vet.--B. Collingsworth FairVu Lakeland Terrers

Jackie Bolin, A+ Pet Grooming

I love your products!--Jackie Bolin, A+ Pet Grooming

Elizabeth Masters

I used your products on a lab rescue named "Nemo". He was in bad shape with big sores and bald spots. Thanks to your products and some TLC, he is doing great. I use your Flea Spray as a mosquito repellent for my chocolate lab and myself. A satisfied customer--Elizabeth Masters

Sheila Marks

My mini schnauzer has Cushing's Disease, red areas on her skin, and chews her feet. After rubbing the conditioner on her, the redness has all cleared up and I have seen a significant decrease in the foot chewing. Because of your products, she is much more comfortable. Thank you.--Sheila Marks

Emily Derby

The healing cream works great and the flea spray is very effective on my Corgi. Great Stuff!--Emily Derby